Our Company

To be a world-class provider of affordable and accessible ICT service to businesses and citizens of Johannesburg

The primary purpose of MTC is :

To increase the competitiveness of existing businesses within the city.

Increase the usage and penetration of high- speed broadband connectivity.

Facilitate the growth and development of new and existing information and communication Technology (ICT) businesses.

Improve the marketability of Joburg as an investment destination.

Increase and accelerate access to the benefits of internet based communication to achieve digital inclusion.

Reduce the operating costs to the City and improve service delivery.

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Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC ) is an entity owned by the city of Joburg , Metropolitan Municipality (the city) tasked with operating Johannesburg Broadband Network (JBN)

The aim of the JBN is to ensure the availability of affordable broadband connectivity throughout the city, which will support socio-economic development through accelerated growth, expanded productivity leading to enhanced quality of life for all. JBN is also aimed to lower the city’s own operating costs whilst increasing access to telecommunications services for residents in the city. This will stimulate economic development in the city, reduce ICT costs and provide available broadband access to the industry.

The City has rolled out over 1150km of fibre optic cables, creating one of the best and fastest-growing cable networks in Sub-Sahara Africa. This strategic entity will assist in the acceleration of economic growth and development, attracting investment, enhancing access to services and improving the quality of life. Being a Smart City will also result in reduced cost of telecommunications, improved service delivery and increase in access to information technology.

  • Mr. Leapeetswe Molotsane - Chairperson

  • Mrs. Moira de Roche Holmes - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Mrs. Mpho Theodora Mosweu -(Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Dr. Fulufhelo Nelwomondo - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Mr. Tshifhiwa Ramuthaga - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Prof. Saurabh Sinha - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Mrs. Ulandi Exner - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Mr. Morris Mthombeni - (Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Dr. Lufuno Ronald Marwala -(Non-Executive Board Member)

  • Mr. Ayanda Kanana - (Executive Board Member)

  • Mr. Sifiso Dlamini - (Executive Board Member)