Smart City Projects

The City of Joburg Educating Digital Intern programme coined C.O.J.E.D.I, is a programme initiated by the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in January 2015 as part of the foundation phase of developing a smart city. The COJEDI programme focuses on driving innovation & entrepreneurship through critical thinking, preparing students for employment and empowering them to significantly participate in the mainstream of the ICT sector and the burgeoning economy. Visit Site

The role of the Jozi Digital Ambassadors is to train first time internet users on how to access the City’s free WiFi and make use of online services. These Ambassadors gain both income and entrepreneurial awareness during the programme which enables them to start their own micro enterprises. Visit Site

The #Hack.Jozi Challenge is a competition for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to solve a challenge that the citizens of Joburg face, by developing the best digital solutions to everyday problems. Visit Site

The Maru A Jozi (cloud) is an innovative digital platform offering zero rated internet solutions to all Jozi’s residents. This means that you will have unlimited internet access when using the portal. Therefore you can use the internet for as long like and you will not be charged for it. The project is bridging the digital divide, providing a wide range of digital services at your fingertips, 24/7/365. When using the Maru A Jozi portal you will have free access to important and credible services for your convenience. These services include communication, transport, banking and so much more. Visit Site

Jozi@Work is a new co-production programme by the City of Johannesburg. It was launched on the 30th of September 2014 in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg. Jozi@Work is a programme with work packages valued at just over R1 billion. The programme is designed to create an opportunity for communities to partner with the City in the delivery of municipal services in their own neighbourhoods. It is also aimed at shifting mind-sets by turning job seekers into job creators.This is in a bid to aid socio-economic transformation that will reduce poverty, inequality and unemployment in the seven regions across the City. Visit Site